Thursday, June 3, 2010

The prince and the alpaca

This last weekend, my mom came to town to help me move to my summer housing. We got to go down to a sheep and wool festival in Wooster, Ohio, and hang out with a bunch of yarn and this cute little dude. Alpacas look pretty funny when they're shaved and their heads aren't - helmet head in the truest sense of the phrase.

We also got over to Fine Points in Cleveland, where I picked up two cones of Habu silk/stainless steel and this gorgeous Claudia Handpainted sock yarn, seen here with a cup of iced coffee from Slow Train Cafe, Oberlin's newest addition to the restaurant/cafe scene. The colorway is Mountain Sky. I love Claudia sock yarn - it knits up beautifully and is hard-wearing to boot. I've also made some major progress on Crown Prince, which I cast on a little less than two weeks ago now.

This project is a really fun knit. I've stopped thinking of nupp rows as a nuisance, since all the rows are nupp rows, and are actually pretty fun! I love the way the nupps make the pattern stand out, and I think this one is going to block out to be crazily beautiful. I'm already scheming my next project from Knitted Lace of Estonia...


Anonymous said...

I wonder, how did you come by the screen name kirin lemon? It's a pretty obscure drink, even in japan. Have you had it?!

fecknom said...

:D :D :D :D

Preeeeetty. You are going to be done before I am!

Cory Ellen said...

Re: Anonymous
I spent time in Japan when I was 16, and my brother really liked Kirin Lemon and would try to find it in vending machines and restaurants whenever we went out. I picked it up as an internet name after I came home because I have such fond memories of Japan.

Re: bdraeger
Hee! I don't know about that - I'm getting distracted by other pretties now... :) I'd love to see your progress!