Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Post: Baby Squirrels


So today, after working on one of my many final papers for a few hours, I was walking across the square when I noticed not one, but two baby squirrels sitting and eating an apple underneath an oak tree.


One of them was... uhm... squirrelly (please forgive me) and ran away pretty soon after I started taking pictures.  That's the one whose tail the first is using as a hat.


But the other little dude stayed there for a bit, calmly munching on her apple.


After a pretty crappy Friday and an afternoon full of work today, baby squirrels were just about the perfect pick-me-up.  And really, the only thing better than one baby squirrel is two baby squirrels.

I'm hoping that since they were little, but big enough to run away effectively when they wanted to, that they'll be okay.  It's always a little worrisome to see babies without their mom, but dudes were pretty spunky.  Not to mention freaking adorable.

Happy weekend!


Neuroknitter said...

Those babies are too cute! :)

Terri said...

Awesome pics!! Those l'il babies are adorable.