Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Design Notebook: Minoan-Inspired Corset Dress


One of my assignments for my History of Costume class is to do two drawings a week of designs inspired by different periods in history.  I was inspired by the shapely female figure of Minoan culture, a civilization from the now-Greek island of Crete, and the beautiful fan and lily-shaped motifs from that time period.  Minoans had fitted corset-like garments that left the bust exposed completely, and I wanted to echo the shape without being too literal, so I decided to put the corset over a full-skirted dress with sheer sleeves.


Although I finished the drawing over a week ago, I finally sat down and colored it in on Sunday night.  I knew that I wanted to use some sort of turquoise, but other than that I wasn't sure what sort of color scheme to use.  I started with the corset and worked the yellow points first, then shaded the rest of the motif with a layer of bluish purple, then turquoise.  Next came the dark red edging, and finally the light fuchsia dress - a surprising color combination, but one I like.

The overall process of drawing, inking, and coloring has been surprisingly engaging for me.  I start with a general idea, and from drawing to coloring, it changes, becomes more defined and polished, and finally looks like something real at the end.  It's pretty neat.

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