Monday, January 2, 2012

Stash Appreciation: Tosh Sock


My mom and I went on a yarn excursion on Saturday, when I picked up this skein of Tosh Sock in Vintage Sari.  I had seen this colorway online a couple of times, but never really loved it - but then I saw it in person and was smitten.  It's another just-barely variegated yarn, with shots of gold and lavender in a mostly pink base.  I could really see the inspiration of sari silk in this skein: the delicate gold in the weft, the jeweled, iridescent color.  I think this cries out to become one of Hunter Hammersen's sock designs, maybe one from Silk Road Socks, like Serab.


Today I'm home snuggling my yarn.  New Year's Day I woke up with a cold, and only the beckoning call of my History of Costume class got me out of bed this morning.

I do have a couple of goals for this year, both the yarn-related ones I already posted about and some others:

1.  Work on knitting down the stash.  Saturday was my last hurrah of yarn buying for now.
2.  Watch 3 movies a week, and go to more local music shows.  These were big things that Lumberjack and I did in high school together, and some of my favorite bands are still the indie bands that we discovered way back when.  In fact, my love of indie music and films is the reason this blog is called indie.knits!
3.  Eat healthier food, and less of it.
4.  Kick ass at fashion school.
5.  Adopt some rats.  My parents still have one very old little girl rat, but she's very bitey and lives several miles away.  I really miss having them around!

Now it's off to eat some tomato soup, knit, and take a nap.  Hopefully I'll get this cold beaten down soon!

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