Monday, January 16, 2012

FO: California Roll Scarf


The end of last week was yet another blocking/finishing extravaganza.  This happens every so often: I finish lots of things and toss the into a basket to block them eventually, and then one day I wake up and want to finish and weave in the ends of All The Things.  I think the studio overhaul of last week really got my productivity kickstarted.


This project was such a nice little palate cleanser.  It was really fun to watch the colors change, and the lace pattern was completely brainless.  Plus the finished product is everything I wanted it to be: light, warm, and very colorful.  It also looks like the kind of thing you could buy for eighty bucks at Anthropologie, for the lovely price of $33 and fifteen hours of knitting time.


And, in case anybody wanted a refresher of the pattern:

1-Row Lace Scarf
Using long-tail cast-on, CO 40 stitches.
*k2, yo, k2tog* across row.
Repeat this row on both RS and WS until scarf reaches desired length.
Block the sucker.

Pattern: See above!
Yarn: Freia Flux Lace by Knitwits/Freia Handpaints, colorway Dartmoor, all of one 430-yard ball
Needles: Size 5 US Addi Turbo Lace

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Anonymous said...

It looks good. I like it. And it's much nicer than what I've seen seeing in shops lately, so it's a total win :D