Friday, April 6, 2012

Outfit Post: Pirate Lace

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On my trip to Oberlin, I stopped by the boutique that was my go-to clothing shop while I was a student and got some new clothes.  Surprisingly, all of them were primarily black, white, or grey - pretty unusual for me!  But today when I wore this draped dress, it was a little too cold outside to wear it alone, so I layered this yellow lace Indonesian blouse over it.  I don't get to wear the blouse a whole lot - I bought it at the market in Ubud about three years ago, and although I love the shape and cut, it's very sheer and stops shortly below my bust, so it really has to be worn as a layer.

I'm really excited to have a piratey dress now, because I've been obsessing over stripes on the bottom for over a year!  I saw this photo of Madonna from the mid-'80s, wearing a fabulous full black-and-white striped full skirt, and fell in love with the look.  I'm very weird about my stripes - I love black/grey and grey/white stripes, but I'm not a huge fan of colorblocking or stripes with unconventional colors.  I guess that marks just about the only time that I'll pick black and white over color.


And can I just say that there is nothing else in the world quite like a kickass pair of heels?  I got these J Shoes pumps on super ridiculously deep discount, and they fit like little gloves for my feet.  The right shoe is just a tad tight on my foot, probably because my silly right foot doesn't have the good sense to be the same size as the left, but other than that they're an absurdly comfortable heel.  I love the curve of the heel - such a sexy, classic look.  I have a feeling that these shoes are going to get a ton of wear.

Draped pirate dress: Lee Andersen tank dress
Yellow lace temple blouse: Market in Ubud, Bali
Earrings: Bought in Northampton, MA about a zillion years ago
Red patent leather bow belt: Nordstrom
Black pumps: J Shoes (online shop currently unavailable)

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