Friday, April 27, 2012



It's hit full spring mode here in the Pacific Northwest.  Our apartment complex is lined in cherry trees, so there has been cherry blossom snow falling for the last few days.  Even though I'm really excited to be moving to Ballard, I'm also pretty sad that we're leaving our current place.  It's been a great place to live for the past year, and I would absolutely considering living here again if we ever move back to the Eastside.  The cherry blossoms are fitting for the last few weeks of our stay here, really: they're a symbol of both beauty and change, the fleeting joys of life.


That being said, things are ramping up soon because of our move, which starts May 1st - we have a little over a month to get all the loose ends tied up, but because we'll be trying to get all the moving and cleaning done (and I have a stack of knitting and sewing jobs to work on!) I'll probably be posting a bit more sporadically for the next month or so.  Then hopefully I'll be back with a new studio space, and exciting adventures to tell!

Hope everyone is having a happy spring!

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