Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pattern Love

So lately I've taken notice of a few independent designers whose work I've mostly found by silently trolling the Ravelry message boards.  Usually I check out groups like Madelinetosh Lovers, Small Shawl Lovers, or Solid Socks, where all numbers of people post their ridiculously beautiful FOs and I get to drool all over them. I end up hitting the love button a whole lot.

So, without further ado, here are 3 designers I'm loving right now.  And don't laugh at my predictability, because there are a whole lot of shawlettes in this here list.

1.  Helen Stewart.  I love her kicky little shawlettes, and I really enjoy that most of them use just one skein of yarn.

Afternoon Tea, from Knitty.  Cute little semicircular shawl, one skein of Madelinetosh Sock?  Yes, okay!

Odessa Shawl.  I have a skein of hot pink fingering weight in my stash that is begging to become this shawl.  I love the subtle striping effect that the lace gives.

2.  Beth Kling.  Romantic, simple, beautifully designed.

Henslowe.  I can't get this shawlette out of my head.  It's simple, but every version I've seen has been stunning.  I love the rustic garter stitch combined with the lacy border - perfection!

Millwater.  This reminds me of Jared Flood with its simplicity and bold design element.  Plus, it looks super cozy.

3.  Laura Aylor.  It seems like the first shawl, Faberge, has been all over Ravelry lately!  I was pleasantly surprised when I clicked through to her design page to see that she is the designer of Lizard Ridge, a beautiful Noro blanket that was published in Knitty right around the time that I started knitting.

Her strong suit is color, and many of her designs are colorblocked or striped.  I can't always pull off colorblocking, but feminine details and subtle colors make these designs really appealing to me.

Faberge.  I really enjoy patterns that you have to look at twice to realize that it is, in fact, knitted.  This is one of those patterns.  Plus it's done in pale pink and brown!  Sigh... so pretty.

Stella Luna.  This is one instance where I like the solid-color version, and I flat-out love the two-color version.  I love that this one combines two very subtle colors, and the cream color gives the effect of an antique lace edging.

All of these patterns make me want to go stash diving and cast on right away.  Must... finish... other works in progress... first...!!!

All photos are copyright to their designers.


Amanda said...

Man, you are a bad influence. I just added four of these to my queue.

Jitters said...

Bad influence indeed!! I love to do the same thing and browse ravelry for hours! Its not always a good thing because I have start-itis bad enough as it is!! These are all SUPER cute and are giving me great ideas for all my one skeins of fingering weight.