Monday, June 25, 2012

Finishing: Zelda

IMGP3545 IMGP3548

At this point, poor Zelda deserves her own category of In Progress.  She's a ZIP, not a WIP!  Hahah.

Dumb jokes aside, I've started to feel good about this project again.  It's a Joan McGowan-Michael pattern, and although I love her aesthetic, I fought tooth and nail with this pattern.  This last weekend, I pulled Zelda out from my I-should-really-finish-this-eventually basket and started working on her again.  It's hard to see the difference, but I sewed the shoulder seams and picked up the neckline.  As we speak, she's taking a warm bath so that setting in the sleeves is easier.

Initially, I had been a little worried about how fitted this sweater is going to be, but after trying her on again today I think the fit will turn out just fine.  I expect her to grow a little bit in washing, which hopefully will help tremendously with the fit issues I wasn't sure about, namely in the tummy/high hip area.  I find that sweaters with negative ease in the bust and waist, and a bit of positive ease down from the waist to the hip, is a pretty good look for me - this sweater is negative ease all over, so I'll need to wear her over skirts or high-waisted slacks in order to maintain that hourglass silhouette.

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