Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wisp, Pre-Blocking


I finished knitting Wisp last night, and cast off just a few minutes ago.  I had to restart the bind-off several times, since mohair is not stretchy at all, and the loops kept on tightening when I was trying to do it with a smaller needle.  I finally grabbed a size 10.5 US needle and bound off very slowly and carefully with it, instead of trying to make the size 8 US work.  It looks a little sloppy unblocked, but I have a feeling that I'll be thankful for the loose bind-off when I'm blocking it out.  Now I just need to find some lightweight buttons to sew to one end!


On a side note, I could not get this color to photograph properly.  It's really a deep turquoise, but for some reason my camera reads it as cobalt, and I couldn't get it to look right in post-processing either.  Which is hilarious, because I've never gotten a camera to read cobalt correctly either.  Rats!

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Jitters said...

What about some lovely coconut shell buttons?! natural, lightweight and pretty to boot!