Monday, June 4, 2012

FO: Fashion Illustration Class

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Today I went into school to finish up the requirements for my fashion illustration class.  I started these last fall, so it had been a while!  To pass the class, I had to have examples of sheer, shiny, printed, and fur fabrics done in watercolor.  I mostly worked from drawings of clothes from magazines and books, so these aren't my own designs (except for the green dress).  I did change the colors and generally simplify the designs I was painting.

It was definitely an adjustment to learn how to work with watercolors - I still haven't mastered it, but I'm thinking about getting my own set and trying it out at home.  I think the hardest part, though, was the inking - once something is done in ink, it's done, so you just have to be really careful and not make any mistakes.  I had the hardest time with long, straight lines, and fine details like the faces.  I'm only really happy with the face on the girl in the little yellow and white sundress.  Oh well - that's what practice is for!

I also think it's interesting to see the progression from my first attempts - the green dress - to the one I did today, the grey coat and red slip dress.  If I were to do them again, there's definitely quite a few things I'd change, but for now I'm glad to have them all finished.

I stayed a little past class time to finish up, and got the class signed off when I was done.  Hooray!

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