Friday, June 1, 2012

WIP: Wisp

IMGP3252 IMGP3257

When will the endless parade of works in progress end?  Probably not anytime soon, I'm afraid.  I'm working on Leaf and Nupp right now, but it's gotten a little dull.  So last night, while Lumberjack and I were watching Downton Abbey, I started a new scarf.  This one is Wisp, an older Knitty pattern that I've had in my queue for a while.  I got this yarn, Colinette Parisienne in the colorway Salty Dog, while on a road trip with my mom about three years ago.  It's like the color of Gonzo!


Now it's off to grab coffee with my mom, and rejoice in my full two-day weekend - no class Saturday, hurrah!

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Robot Hero said...

It looks like it is going to float away!