Monday, June 18, 2012

Why Are You Still a WIP, Wisp? Oh Right, Buttons!

IMGP3511 IMGP3508

Last Friday I took a trip to the Eastside to have lunch with my friend Palomino, go to knitting group, and have dinner with my parents.  I took Palomino to a local yarn shop for the first time, and we had a ton of fun looking at yarn.  I love introducing new knitters to the good stuff!

I also stopped by the fabric store to look at buttons for my Wisp.  This scarf is so lightweight that it needs super light buttons, and I was thinking that I would go with a neutral mother-of-pearl button.  I was all set to buy some copper-colored buttons when I decided to lay out these yellow buttons on the scarf - just for fun!  I liked the color combination so much that I bought them.


I figure the scarf already looks like muppet fur, so I might as well go all out.  I still haven't figured out what kind of outfit I'll be able to wear this scarf with, but that can come later!

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