Friday, June 8, 2012

Thinking About Stash

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In preparation for our move, I did a pretty big stash overhaul.  I pulled the yarns that I was pretty sure I wasn't attached to anymore, and ended up destashing quite a bit thanks to my Issaquah knitting buddies.  My reasons for culling certain yarns were varied: some I had bought with a specific project in mind that didn't work out, some I had swatched and hadn't enjoyed working with, and some were lovely yarns, but not something I would choose to buy today.

I've found my tastes have started skewing heavily towards hand-dyes, as many people's have in the last few years.  I enjoy working with them and I enjoy petting and/or wearing the final product, too.  There are still many yarns that I like that are commercially dyed - Brooklyn Tweed's Shelter and Loft, Isager yarns, and many Classic Elite yarns, to name a few - but for one-skein projects, I really love me some Madelinetosh, Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and Malabrigo.

My total stash reduction from the destashing?

3,147 yards, pictured above.

My total knit this year so far?

5, 245 yards.

Not too shabby!

And, in the interests of getting my stash content down to stuff that I really adore - and because skeins are pretty! - I've been thinking about going through and knitting up the skeins that have been wound into balls.

IMG_1566 IMG_1556 IMG_1533 IMG_1567 IMG_1552 IMG_1559 IMG_1539 IMG_1349 IMG_1345 IMG_0013 shibuichinesered_medium2 IMG_1535 IMG_1555 IMG_1521

Plus a few more whose photos are on my old computer, which I can't get to.

Yeeeeeah, so that's totally not unreasonable.

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