Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mac Attack!

IMGP3405 IMGP3371IMGP3373 IMGP3410

The furry person in our house has been getting more time out of his cage as life has calmed down from the move, and he's been chilling out more as a result.  He's still pretty squirrelly most of the time, but sometimes he'll burrow into the couch or the pillows on our bed and hang out for a while.  I've learned not to have a blanket covering me when he's out, though - he likes to bite feet and knees, but only when he can't see them!

You'll have to excuse my pajamas - I was taking pictures of Lumberjack with Mackie and he traded me the rat for the camera.


He did finally stay still for a couple of minutes, and was rewarded greatly with willow chew sticks and yogurt drops.

It's a hard, hard life for a rat.


Anonymous said...

My last rat, Starling, was such a little sweetie. She would sleep all day in our bed (she even had her own blanket), and loved snuggle time. Keep the pictures of your rat coming, they totally make my day.

Jitters said...

Oh!! He is so sweet!! All my rats hated me! HAHA! Maybe a single rat would have been the way to go. :0) Im glad you are getting all settled in and things are getting to 'normal'... whatever that is! HAHAHA!!