Thursday, January 26, 2012

Design Notebook: Painted Tile Hat

IMG_2208 IMG_2213

I've had this idea for a hat for a couple of months, inspired by two colors of Tosh Merino Light that told me they wanted to be together.  (I try to tell myself that this is totally not weird.)  The colors are called Vintage Lace and Isadora, and I love their faded, slightly romantic look when combined in colorwork.  The only thing I worry is that this will read as 6-year-old-girl's ski hat when I'm going for slightly-twee-indie-girl's slouchy hat.

I know I've seen this sort of coffee-bean-esque motif in Shetland colorwork patterns before, but I wanted to chart it out myself and see what worked best.  The two motifs I knit are slightly different: one is slightly more open in the center and echoes the diamond between the motifs very well, and the other has more solid coffee beans, but the stitch in the center muddles the overall effect.  (That stitch is necessary, I found out, if I want to avoid tacking the contrasting color over four bazillion cream stitches.  And I really, really hate tacking.)  You can probably guess which one I liked better.

I don't like the bottom railroad track band so much, but I do really like the look of the row of alternating cream and pink.  I may cast on for this hat in the next few days and see what happens.

(Apologies, as always, for the wonky drawing.)