Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Outfit Post: Cowichan-Style Vest & Boots


I designed and knit this Cowich-style vest for a private reading during my junior year and have gotten quite a bit of wear out of it since.  At first I wasn't sure about how it would fit in my wardrobe, but it's ended up being a really good layer, particularly at the fashion school where it can get cold while we're doing patternwork downstairs.  And, despite my newbie mistake of doing a double-decrease for the waist shaping instead of two single decreases (which creates a weird ridgey thing that has calmed down a lot in wearing!), I do think that it's also a great example of how larger-gauge knits can still be flattering.  That large-scale motif at the waist serves the same visual purpose as a belt, but without the bulk, and emphasizes my smallest point.  Hooray!


It's also great over dresses, which I hadn't even thought about until recently.  The dress itself isn't perfect  - the lining fabric was intended for a much smaller-busted woman than I - but it has been another good layer that I wear with sweaters a lot.  I like the look of the drapier/bulkier top with the super short skirt; it's a fun way to play with proportion, and a really good reason to wear kickass boots!


I've been mostly wearing t-shirts and big sweaters lately, but this morning I knew I had to wear tights to class in case I had to fit my sloper, which is a basic fit pattern that we're making for ourselves so that we can make our own clothes.  It was also freezing, so I wore my long boots.  I think I posted about it before, but I got the heel tips replaced on these boots about a month ago and have been wearing them at least once a week since then - a pretty great use of twenty bucks, if you ask me.


Happy Wednesday!

Vest: Hand-knit by me
Dress: Free People Fall 2011
Tights: Hue
Boots: J Shoes
Earrings: Tasi

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Lucy said...

I've had these boots for a long time and I love them to bits. I love J Shoes as a company and their shoes are an amazing quality. I have a few great ones and some more coming in the mail.

They always have sales on their website.