Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Stash: Tosh Merino Light Antler


My love for Brooklyn Tweed is well documented.  I fell in love with Jared Flood's blog back when I was a total newbie knitter, and the beautiful pictures of his simple but well-designed projects and patterns was a large part of why I wanted to learn everything I could about knitting.  Now that he has a veritable yarn and pattern empire, my love is no less intense.  I was going through my individual pattern binder the other day and realized that about 50% of the patterns I've bought are Brooklyn Tweedy.  Holy moley.

Back when he was first putting out more patterns, I bought the Classic Elite pattern booklet, Made in Brooklyn, pretty much the minute it came out.  I still have my sights set on at least three patterns in the booklet, if not more, and the Estonian-flavored stole Willoughby is one of them.  And what better way to knit a pattern from one of my favorite designers than to make it in one of my favorite yarns?

IMGP3280 IMGP3286

I know I said I would be exclusively stash-diving, but I lied - just a little.  Monday I was so excited with my progress at school that I decided to buy two skeins of Tosh Merino Light, and rationalized it with the fact that I'm hoping my wedding shawl can be in this colorway of Tosh, but on Prairie.  I just figured I'd better make sure it was a good color for me first, since it's often hard to tell how a color will look as a garment until it's knitted up!

As you may be able to tell, I am an awesome enabler.

Willoughby photograph copyright Jared Flood.

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Anonymous said...

It isn't just you. MadTosh is my weakness. It's a good thing the colors I'm lusting after in Merino Light are sold out everywhere I've looked online right now or I would have fallen down hard this week. BTW, I knit my wedding shawl in one of Brooklyn Tweed's yarns - I used the Fossil color, which is a gorgeous slightly off white just like Antler. You should probably get a couple shades of that to see which one you like more ;)