Thursday, April 12, 2012



This week I have off of classes, which made me think I was going to have lots of free time.  Nope!  This week has been full of volunteering at the school to help with the annual fashion show, running around getting supplies for various sewing projects, and swatching for some commission knitting.

The other day I took in some books I cleared out from a recent studio cleaning to my LYS, which does book consignment, and of course I had to pet some yarn while I was there!  And then I finally used my coveted 20% discount on a sweater's worth of Madelinetosh Sport in Corsage to make this sweater:

Wildflower Main Pic

Wildflower Cardigan, by Alana Dakos - from Coastal Knits


I love this color.  It's a pale pink with a little bit of excitement, a perfectly girly and romantic color for this sweet little cardigan.  I've been scheming for months how to use that discount the best way possible, and I knew that a Toshy sweater was just the ticket.  Since it seems like I should finish my sweaters-in-progress before jumping into a new one, I've been working on my Zelda blouse while watching lots of hours of Say Yes to the Dress.  It's like a trainwreck, but I can't stop watching...!


megan said...

That cardigan is absolutely lovely! Can't wait to see how yours comes out. :)


Jitters said...

Its going to be BEAUTIFUL! I love it. And no worries... I watch it too. :0D BUT on top of that... Im hooked on Americas Next Top Model! Talk about train wreck!!