Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Stash Addition: Puyallup Handspun

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So last week, I was merrily working on Lumberjack's red scarf when I realized as I was knitting that my third skein of handspun was a little skinnier than the other two.  I did a few more rows, and it sunk in that the yarn was just a little too small to match the rest of the scarf.  I got worried, because the shop that carried the yarn is no longer in business, but a quick google search found the spinner's Etsy shop.  I messaged her, found out she did have an extra skein of the right color with a heavier weight and that she would be a vendor at the Puyallup Spring Fair - about a forty minute drive from where I live.

So Friday I made the drive down to Puyallup, expecting to walk in, pick up my skein from what I was sure would be the one booth of yarn in the whole fair, and walk out... and found a whole barn of roving, sheep, handspun, and spinners.  An hour later, the sun bright in my face and dizzy with yarn fumes, I left the barn with a bag full of a bag handspun.  I swear, stash bandits came in and forced me to pick up the yak/merino blend and hand over my credit card!  Really!

In all reality, I had several lovely conversations with the vendors, fondled a lot of really beautiful yarn, and snapped up a few extremely cheap and extremely gorgeous skeins of handspun.  The skein I actually went to the fair for ended up being just right, so I'm hoping to finish that project soon.

From left, there's Crown Mountain Farms Aris merino/nylon in the colorway Free Bird (hand-dyed but not handspun), Sunset Fibers handspun DK-weight blue-faced leicester in an unnamed dusty rose colorway, Sunset Fibers handspun fingering-weight merino in colorway Cowgirl, and Crown Mountain Farms handspun fingering-weight undyed merino/yak blend.

Sigh.  I love yarn, and I really love yarn people.  Who else would compliment your handbag and try to figure out the stitch pattern in your sweater in the same breath?

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