Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Epic Fail: Purple Sweater

IMGP1884 IMGP1920IMGP1904 IMGP1894

This sweater is practically a PSA for why gauge matters.  It's got everything: amateur construction, tight and yet saggy neckline, five extra inches of ease, horrifically misshapen sleeves.  I knit it about five years ago, and I don't even want to name the pattern because this is such a poor example of what it could be.

It was my first sweater, and I knew about halfway through the thing that it wasn't going to work.  So I threw in some extra special stuff, like super belled sleeves and a hack job of weaving in the ends.  Pretty much the second it came off the needles, I tried it on to verify its awfulness (check and check!) and balled it up in the back of my closet in disgust, thinking I could at least salvage the yarn eventually.  It never even got blocked.  


A pity, because the yarn itself is a gorgeous shade of aubergine.  I wasted about 7.5 skeins of Cascade 220 on this monstrosity, so I'm hoping that it will hold up okay when I rip the shit out of it tonight.


Andi said...

Good luck! Cascade 220 frogs pretty nicely if it hasn't been worn much yet.

Jitters said...

I held in a giggle. Sorry. But I do love that color! I hope it works out!

sparkle said...

cascade is a very forgiving yarn-ripping out my Feb lady right now.....I don't even have to rewind it to skeins and wash and weight to pull out the kinks-although I am cause sometimes I AM a bit anal.....was good to see you and Blake. Had fun thrifting. Went to RC today for some needles...erica said hi. Expect to see outfit posts soon. sparkle

Emily said...

Bahahaha, I did the same thing to the same sweater! It was Debbie Bliss, but it was even the same dark purple color.