Thursday, April 19, 2012

WIP, In The Home Stretch: Zelda

IMGP2588 IMGP2592

Egads.  After way too long sitting shoved in a basket, I finally pulled out my Zelda to finish it up about two weeks ago.  I steadily plugged along on the body, fixed some dumb mistakes I made the first time around, and cast off on Sunday night.  Then I cast on for the sleeve about a zillion times (my willpower to finish the thing was running on fumes at this point) and was finally successful the third try.  After that, the sleeve zipped right along - I cast off the first one Tuesday night, started the next one yesterday, and already have about an inch and a half.  Then is the fun part - the sewing, and the picking up of stitches, and the swearing and gnashing of teeth.

I'm really glad this sweater is turning out so pretty, because it has been a total pain in my ass.

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Robot Hero said...

That color is amazing! Can't wait to see the final project completed!