Monday, April 16, 2012

Outfit Post: Birthday Edition

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So yesterday was my 24th birthday, and Lumberjack and I went out for brunch and an afternoon showing of the Hunger Games.  And let me be the first to warn you: don't go to this movie wearing thick black eye makeup.  I spent a good ten minute of the movie tipping my head up and hyperventilating while crying so that I wouldn't have two matching black rivulets down my face.  The scenes with Katniss and her sister, and Katniss and Rue, and Katniss and... well, Jennifer Lawrence is amazing, so about every thirty minutes you're warming up the waterworks from her performance.  I thought it was a very good adaptation of the book - and I might even go so far as to say that it was better than the book, simply because the film used many perspectives where the book had only one.  It made for a very layered and surprisingly political film for young adults.

In other news (and rather big news at that) Lumberjack and I are moving to Ballard!  I've been commuting to school in Ballard from our little apartment in the 'burbs for the last six months or so, and although it's been working out fairly well, I know that the next year of school is going to get more and more intense.  Our lease here is up in June, so last week we started looking at listings, and went from viewing to lease in about two days!  Since I went to school in a small town and grew up in the suburbs, this will be my first time living in Seattle proper - pretty exciting for me!  We're both really excited to be able to walk to the grocery store and to walk or bus to all the great venues and restaurants in both Ballard and downtown Seattle.  And I love the 6-minute walk to school from our new place (!!!!!).  It's going to be a hectic couple of months, but I think it'll be a good change for us.


I had way too much fun dressing up today.  I wrestled my hair with a curling iron and massive amounts of hairspray, threw on a cute new dress from my Oberlin trip, and wore contacts and eye makeup.  It was super fun to run around in pretty dress, and luckily there was some sunshine too!

Mesh-yoke dress: Effie's Heart
Beaded black cardigan: Thrifted
Sequined hair flower: H&M
Black pumps: J Shoes

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