Thursday, April 5, 2012

WIP: Scarf for a Lumberjack


Sometimes I am a terrible fiancee.  I gave Lumberjack this gorgeous merino handspun for his birthday with a card that essentially said "Here's some yarn I owe you a scarf HAPPY BIRTHDAY".  And then I conveniently left the yarn in its cute little bag for several months, because there were always new and interesting things to knit.  I am quite a magpie at times, especially when it comes to yarn.

So finally, two nights ago, I cast on for the thing.  Never mind the fact that the reason I cast on was because I wanted to knit something simple, and my simple hat was en route from Oberlin in the mail along with a few skeins of yarn.  (Also did I mention that I broke my yarn diet hardcore?  Let's say it doesn't count if you're supporting local business where you shop only once or twice a year?  Yeeeeeah.)  Anyhow, I asked Lumberjack how long and wide he wanted his new scarf, and I cast on, and I've been knitting away at it ever since.  It's a deep, complicated shade of red, handspun by a local spinner who sells under the name Four Footed Fiber.  It's so soft, I can't stop petting it as I'm knitting. 


Although you can't see it, there are shades of dark purple, yellow, and dark red that combine together to make a berry-tinged autumnal red.  Slightly thick-thin, soft as all get out.  I'm actually a little jealous that Lumberjack will get to squish his face into such a sumptuous scarf.

So maybe I'm not such a bad fiancee after all.  Let's just forget the fact that I still owe him three pairs of fingerless mitts and a couple pairs of socks and focus on this one win.

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