Monday, April 9, 2012

Clean Slate


Remember how I said I was going to rip the shit out of the poor failed sweater?  Well, I did!  I got these bad boys skeined up last week, washed them and let them dry this last weekend.  We actually had a few gorgeous sunny days over the weekend, so they spent some time on the back porch sunning and drying the last of the stubborn damp spots.  I also realized that though I said there were 7.5 skeins in the sweater, there were probably more like 4.5 - I bought this yarn so long ago that I had no idea that yardage mattered, not skein weight or number of skeins.  I think I bought 6 skeins total, because I still have one untouched in my studio.


And obviously I didn't know the magic of spit-splicing, except perhaps in the strangely large skein on the very left.  And let's just say that I'm glad my knitting skills have improved since I made this sweater, because the finishing was atrocious.  I spent probably fifteen minutes picking apart a few places like the neck, where I thought I could fix the loose first cast-on stitch by weaving over it with the tail as many times as possible.  Nope.


And, because a reader mentioned last week that they were curious about the view from my back porch, this is it.  It's another beautiful sunny day today, so I'm wearing sandals and a dress and trying to forget that it will likely turn to rain by tomorrow.  Hah!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the view - now I know! :oD I was expecting cornfields, not sure why. Must be my British view of the States!